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  • The Boyfriend Experience

    Photographer Kristiina Wilson explores the plus sized male boudoir in a new editorial shot in the glamorous Poconos. Get the boyfriend experience, complete with heart shaped jacuzzis, champagne glass hot tubs, mirrored ceilings and a whole lot of (body) fur.

  • YDY x Sleek: Interact with Fashion’s New Muses

    We gathered some of New York City’s most promising faces in fashion, from models to muses, to create a special interactive editorial. With 3D body scans created by artist Jimmy Tagliaferri, get eerily close to these future stars.

  • Don’t Bend: A Mission for Slay Models

    Our friends at Slay Models & We Shall Run team up to shine a spotlight on Trans talent within the fashion industry in this new editorial that shows off two of the top faces at Slay Models, Zo Shay & Ren Spriggs, and the inclusionary brands repped by We Shall Run.

  • Red State

    Photographer Brandon Barnhart and performing artist Peter Smith find each other in the mountain town of Bozeman, Montana to create photos that unpack the more intimate parts of their practices explored in rural seclusion.

  • Beauty

    My Friend Ned: South Africa’s First Modeling Agency with a Non-Binary Division

    Get to know the muses and philosophy behind this revolutionary Cape Town agency.


    Does the Media Have It Out for Female Athletes?

    The biased visibility of female athletes in the media is dissected and argued against in this in-depth exploration by Lyne Lucien into one of the largely overlooked areas of workplace inequality and sexualized stereotyping in the country.


    Editorial: ‘Body Digging’

    Russian-based photographer Sasha Chaika and stylist Marie Golubeva take inspiration from gendered stereotypes in fashion to create a story that satirizes a common view of masculinity, transforming it into a hazy dream.


    Rona Yefman’s ‘Let It Bleed’: A Review

    Kenta Murakami reviews artist Rona Yefman’s new book, ‘Let It Bleed’, in which the artist explores the complicated link between siblings, captures the journey of a transition, and creates a portrait of Israeli youth.


    Michael Domitrovich, A Most Edible Spirit

    We chat with seeker/healer/chef/playwright Michael Domitrovich about everything from spirituality and healing to identity and self-acceptance!


    Your New Friends: Los Angeles

    For this installment of Your New Friends, we enlist the help of Los Angeles based artists to see what this generation wants from life, fashion, and love. Photographed by Logan White, and styled by Christopher Argodale.


    Fashion Week Recap: NYC Spring/Summer 2017

    Take a look at exclusive coverage of our favorite NYC designers’ runway shows from New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer ’17!


    The Designer Struggle: Profit vs. Popularity

    How can you gauge the success of a young brand? And where exactly does the line between making art and selling clothing get drawn?


    Artist Interview: Chris Berntsen

    We chat with photographer Chris Berntsen about art practice within queer communities, and he shares with us imagery from his new series, “Twilight Children”.


    Your New Friends : Austin

    YDY met up with some new friends in Austin to find out how they feel about life, fashion, art and other fun stuff!


    Meet Kendyl Noor Aurora, The Tattooed Hijabi

    We chat with Kendyl Noor Aurora about her alternative approach to Islam, including ideas of halal beauty, sexuality, race, misrepresentation in the media, and how to persevere.


    Editorial: Reach for the Stars

    For this new editorial, stylist Rachel Donelan takes inspiration from the relentless dedication to dressing up that is so easily spotted in New York City. There is power in dressing with friends and going out together–whether it’s to a party or to get a bodega sandwich at 3pm, its a transformative experience wrought with power.


    The Selfie Toaster

    We teamed up with JAG Models–the first non-sized modeling agency–and the Burnt Impressions Toaster to make an important and timely statement: you can make toast with a photo of yourself on it! Editorial by David Brandon Geeting, Film by the Wenck Brothers.


    What is Sample Size?

    Even with the increase in body acceptance, thin models still dominate the high fashion runways. The “sample size” body is still an industry standard, a far cry from 67% of US women who wear a size 14 or larger. Fashion writer Liz Black shows the jarring dichotomy of the average woman’s body attempting to breach those sample size garments, reminiscent to how the plus-size movement is attempting to breach the fashion industry today.


    No Sesso, the Fashion House Embracing Fluidity In a Big Way

    Take a look at the LA-based label’s Autumn 2016 collection, exclusively on YDY. Designer Pierre Davis teams up with artist Hobbes Ginsberg to photograph the new collection, and explains the relationship between the clothing and the body.

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