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Film: To the Right, Turn Around

In his newest film collaboration with YDY, artist Payton Barronian revisits the world of lampooning–this time, it’s about the bizarre ritual that is the red carpet. Watch the full film, with photographs from the set by artist Julian Kapadia.


The Character Studies of Vilda & Renee

NYC artists and partners Vilda & Renee give us an in-depth look at their expansive collaborative effort, wherein they satirically exploit some typically vulnerable flawed human traits in attempt to desensitize them in a way.


The Selfie Toaster

We teamed up with JAG Models–the first non-sized modeling agency–and the Burnt Impressions Toaster to make an important and timely statement: you can make toast with a photo of yourself on it! Editorial by David Brandon Geeting, Film by the Wenck Brothers.


Chibi WORLD Cherry TOUR

A video performance collaboration between India Salvor Menuez and Logan Jackson: “Come along as pop sensation and milky girl CHIBI CHERRY takes us on a tour of her many homes, fantasies, and fears to get a truly immersive look into the life of this elusive chanteuse.”


Male Bonding — Video

Here, the concept of masculinity is explored through a depiction of an intimate, platonic setting. Iconic symbols of masculinity like the leather jacket and, more recently, the sweatsuit, are incorporated into silhouettes that explore a new ideology of what it means to “dress like a man.” Designers like Daimorf, Gosha Rubchinsky, and Ammerman Schlosberg are just a few of the newer artists who are creating pieces that take something of taboo, and are able to exist in a neutral space. Matt Holmes & Grace Ahlbom draw you in by perfectly combining attitude and sensitivity, while video by Savannah Magruder gives further narrative to a modern group of friends.


The Bowl Cut — Video

We go back to the beginning with 5 types of bowl cuts shown in the very place in which the style was first created–the kitchen. From being considered a sign of poverty, to being a symbol for a few pop culture icons, this hairstyle has had a twisted journey in and out of trendiness.

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