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Video Premiere: ‘Watch Her Dance’ by N-A-R-C

July 6, 2017
  • Watch the exclusive premiere of “Watch Her Dance“, the new video from N-A-R-C (the alt-pop duo made up of Pepi Ginsberg & Martin Crane) starring Cheeky Maa and Nar. Director Pepi Ginsberg. DP Todd Dos Santos. Casting & Styling Matt Holmes. Co-Producer/Location Coordinator Audrey Chin. Editor Jeff Cristiani. Colorist Ben Federman​.

    In the video for Watch Her Dance, the second single from N-A-R-C’s upcoming debut LP we see an IRL simulation of a video game that takes place throughout a web of NYC subways. The game follows the ‘avatar’, Cheeky Maa, through a maze of hallways, tunnels, escalators and elevators as she progresses through levels in an attempt to find an exit and escapthe memories of her lover, played by NarThe stations grow increasingly more modern, signifying that Cheeky is getting closer to a new level. As she reaches the end phase of the subways, traversing an empty and bright oculus, she takes one final run and emerges into the light of day onto empty roads, past shells of airplanes to the water’s edge 

    Based on the main themes of the song, the video’s concept explores desire, longing, loss and redemption. The protagonist in the song, much like Cheeky in the film, muses alone about the loss of her relationship, projecting a scenario of vindication where the lover desperately wants her back. The song chronicles the time after a couple has parted ways where the relationship has ceased in fact but not in mind.  Cheeky is stuck in the underground nether-zone, a place where past and present co-exist and discerning the future feels difficult at best. As she turns left and right she can only interpret her progress by the speed at which she passes through the space.

    In this place of uncertainty, moving forward is the only way out. Like the song, the video deals with the particular moment of letting go where one is actively fighting to move in a new direction. Sometimes healing is passive, but in the case of both Cheeky and the song’s hero, ‘getting over it’ means running, climbing, searching and hustling to do what you can to move on.  

    The focus here is on the idea of entrapment–both physical and emotional–as our player, Cheeky, struggles to unstick herself from the tunnels of memory and time.  Through curiosity, will, and grit she is able to find a way out and advance to the next level into the sun; a stark relief from the dark haunting of the past.  Out of one level and into the beginning of the next, Cheeky can revel in her achievement but stills faces the adventures of a new landscape ahead. Will she will decide to stay awhile or choose to go further and seek out a new plane? Players choice.    


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