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Film: To the Right, Turn Around

February 7, 2017

  • In his newest film collaboration with YDY, artist Payton Barronian revisits the world of lampooning–this time, it’s about the bizarre ritual that is the red carpet. The celebrity ritual that takes place ahead of award ceremonies and celebrations once was a more ceremonial practice–one used to mark the path for heads of state on a formal occasion. Now, it is a ceremony in itself, rife with media coverage and a hotbed of advertisements. Crimson red, a color that was at a time only worn by the wealthiest of individuals, still holds somewhat true to it’s symbolism thanks to the craze that surrounds these events.”This video stems from a life long obsession with celebrity and red carpet events. I wouldn’t say it’s a parody, but an exploration of the bizarre social atmosphere of that world and the uncomfortable and forceful voyeurism that accompanies any red carpet.” Said the artist. “I wanted to create a fantasy world of diverse and beautiful “celebrities” that might not conform to heteronormative standards of beauty, and celebrate what some might consider their flaws. While at the same time, having so much fun!!”
    Watch the full film, and below find photographs from the set by artist Julian Kapadia.





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