Fashion and
for Every Body



March 17, 2016
  • Photography & Creative: Sergey Lomakin / Styling: Mzia Gvidania & Eugenia Daurova / Makeup & Hair: Anna Ilver / Models: Adele + Below @ Lumpen / Location: Bedford Studio Saint Petersburg / Featured Russian Designers: RUSSKAIA PRINCESSA + SHLZ + W-O / Stores: Rebel Eyewear

    Photographer Sergey Lomakin illustrates us a world of deconstruction and re-purpose. We’re invited to a tour of dismantled apparel, a style that is torn apart and rebuilt for a new purpose. “This is the deconstruction of bodies, meanings and canons.” he states, using denim as his building block. Whether it’s faded, torn or raw, denim is the perfect choice of material, as it transcends race, gender and sexuality. This series of images captures the New World Order of something we all love – our blue jeans.


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