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    Meet Kendyl Noor Aurora, The Tattooed Hijabi

    We chat with Kendyl Noor Aurora about her alternative approach to Islam, including ideas of halal beauty, sexuality, race, misrepresentation in the media, and how to persevere.

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    Editorial: Reach for the Stars

    For this new editorial, stylist Rachel Donelan takes inspiration from the relentless dedication to dressing up that is so easily spotted in New York City. There is power in dressing with friends and going out together–whether it’s to a party or to get a bodega sandwich at 3pm, its a transformative experience wrought with power.

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    The Selfie Toaster

    We teamed up with JAG Models–the first non-sized modeling agency–and the Burnt Impressions Toaster to make an important and timely statement: you can make toast with a photo of yourself on it! Editorial by David Brandon Geeting, Film by the Wenck Brothers.

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    What is Sample Size?

    Even with the increase in body acceptance, thin models still dominate the high fashion runways. The “sample size” body is still an industry standard, a far cry from 67% of US women who wear a size 14 or larger. Fashion writer Liz Black shows the jarring dichotomy of the average woman’s body attempting to breach those sample size garments, reminiscent to how the plus-size movement is attempting to breach the fashion industry today.

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    New York Men’s Week: Gypsy Sport

    One of the highlights of New York Men’s Fashion week was the Gypsy Sport show–Taylore Scarabelli covered the newest collection from the brand combining arthouse with athletics.

    Designer Spotlight

    Designer Spotlight: Lou Dallas

    Olimpia Dior shoots a colorful cast in the colorful designs from Lou Dallas, a brand with a profound sense of artistry and inclusiveness, started by NYC creative Rafaella.


    Fashion: Cool Summer

    Fashion in the summer months can be a chore. A sweaty, dirty, discouraging chore! In this editorial, Shriya Samavai and Coco Romack show us you can stay cool and still look cool. Take a lil peek!


    The Tii Garden

    Sheridan Flamengo shoots Tii Hosking spending a day romping about in the garden wearing Marques Almedia, Moses Gauntlett Cheng, and more!


    Spanx Reimagined

    The ever-popular accessory used to shape and hide parts of the body is envisioned here as a garment. Something you can create a look with. Make an outfit out of Spanx and see what happens–we dare you.


    Authority Figure: A Review

    Kenta Murakami reviews the massive performance piece orchestrated by Monica Mirabile and Sarah Kinlaw that took place in May at the Knockdown Center in Brooklyn. Time may have passed since the performance took place, but the issues represented are timelessly important and ever-relevant.


    All Ages Welcome

    For our third collaboration with Opening Ceremony, we take a visit to the nation’s first LGBTQ senior center. And let’s just say we didn’t want to leave.



    Photographer Agnieszka Chabros explores the feeling of wistful yearning in this new editorial. Styled by Danielle Plaisted with some of our favorite lablels, including Moses Gauntlett Cheng, LPD, and Nattofranco.



    Myla Dalbesio poses a summer that is sweet & sour in an epistolary collage inspired by the washed-out opulence of the psychedelic 90’s . Alongside her own diary and a choir of concrete angels, the model and artist shows off a new kind of intimate curb appeal. Photographed by Stanislaw Boniecki.


    Lacey Baker Wants Equality in the Skating World

    “I just try to be involved with as much as I can just so I can create a space for people because I didn’t really have that.”–Pro skater Lacey Baker tells us about her history with the male-driven industry, double standards, what needs to change and what she’s doing to make it happen.


    Genesis Breyer P-Orridge: Creation Re/created

    A review by Kenta Murakami of the new performance by Genesis Breyer P-Orridge and h/er accompanying show, Try to Altar Everything, currently on display at the Rubin Museum of Art in New York City.


    True or False

    A woman with a shaved head evokes power, confidence and primal beauty. betty’s strength comes from much more than her shaved head, and her look inspired me to work with false lashes to create bold and atypical looks. layering lashes, creating a “unibrow” and pushing the boundaries of what falsies are supposed to evoke (classic femme looks) actualized these strong images.


    Shouldn’t God Be Gender Neutral?

    And other questions we Scandinavians actually ask.


    The Language of Objects

    Why are some products marketed so narrowly with gender in mind? In an essay by Elie Andersen, the semantics of gendered objects and language are explored, accompanied by photographs by Jackson Hallberg that illustrate the kitsch and cliché attached to products we consume.


    Belle Ami

    The season of bodysuits, slip dresses, and flowers tucked inside of tights is approaching. Accept this as your truth and take a look at this new editorial! Photographed by Katerina Anna and styled by Karla Herrera.

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